Deluxe Rooms 2

All our Deluxe rooms have spacious balconies to help you take a broad view of the nature


Our Deluxe rooms are highlighted by their charming views, while the luxury penthouse overlooks panoramic views of the resort.

Villa 100

A grand space that caters to all your needs.


This 4 bedroom villa is the ideal choice for larger groups. Each room can be booked for two individuals.

The spacious rooms of the villa are accompanied by private balconies, perfect for some leisurely bonding and relaxation together. A fully furnished villa with comforting amenities


Standard Rooms

The Standard rooms are designed as classic rooms equipped with all the ideal amenities, along with some unique details.


The rooms feature a lovely sitting area, dressing area and writing desk for elevated comfort. If you’re seeking a cosy space covered by well-tended greenery on all sides, this is the ideal choice for you.


Relax and unwind with access to lush surroundings in these sun-facing cottages.


For a stay that is replete with an intimate connection to nature, opt for our quaint yet luxurious cottages. Each cottage is located amidst a scenic lawn and fully equipped with essential amenities.

Garden Villa

An incomparable getaway experience is assured with our best offering garden villas.


There are two kinds of villas, 3 bedroom and 4 bedroom.


These villas open up to lovely private gardens, perfect for a dreamy afternoon amidst nature.

They also include roomy dining and living spaces, with all the facilities needed to create a comfortable stay.